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50 Tried & True Recipes

Julia Rutland

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Create wholesome meals with this egg-themed cookbook, featuring 50 recipes complemented by full-color photographs of each dish.

Whether you prefer your eggs fried or scrambled, boiled or poached, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed the distinguishable taste of the yolk paired with the whites’ mild flavor. Packed with protein, eggs are the perfect breakfast food—yet we can make them an integral part of every meal.

Eggs is a cookbook by Julia Rutland that features 50 recipes—from beverages and breads to soups and entrees—for cooks who enjoy great flavor. The author is a professional writer, recipe developer, recipe tester, food stylist, and television/media demonstrator, so you can be certain that every dish is a crowd-pleaser! The book’s full-color photography adds to the enjoyment of cooking. Plus, an introduction to the types of eggs along with basic tips on cooking eggs help to ensure that you always prepare them just right.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 50 recipes—tested and tasted by the author, a professional food stylist
  • Breakfast, breads, entrees, sides, and more
  • Full-color photography from a professional food photographer
  • BONUS: Introduction to egg types and basic tips for cooking eggs

We love eggs because they remind us of eating around the table with family, of baking with parents and grandparents. Add Eggs to your cookbook collection, and take your egg-based dishes to the next level of flavorful goodness.

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