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The Kids' Guide to Birds of the Carolinas

Fun Facts, Activities and 86 Cool Birds

Stan Tekiela

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Get the children’s field guide to 86 bird species in North Carolina and South Carolina, organized by color to help kids identify them.

Stan Tekiela’s famous Birds of the Carolinas Field Guide has been delighting bird watchers for years. Now, the award-winning author has written the perfect bird identification guide for children! The Kids’ Guide to Birds of the Carolinas features 86 of the most common and important birds to know, with species organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don’t know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Each bird gets a beautiful full-color photograph and a full page of neat-to-know information (such as field marks, calls/songs, a range map, and Stan’s cool facts) that make identification a snap. Fun bonus activities for the whole family, like building a birdhouse and preparing your own bird food, make this the perfect introduction to bird identification for a new generation in the South Atlantic!

Inside You’ll Find

  • 86 of the most common and important Carolina birds to know
  • Species organized by color for quick and easy identification
  • Full-color photographs and a full page of information for each bird
  • Field marks, favorite hangouts, range maps, Stan’s cool facts and more
  • BONUS: Fun activities for the whole family to enjoy



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