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Attracting & Feeding Cardinals

Stan Tekiela

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Learn to attract and feed cardinals with this pocket-sized guide.

The vibrant red of the male Northern Cardinal is stunning any time of year—and nothing is more beautiful than the early spring duets of cardinals singing their hearts out. You love these beloved birds, and you want to see them visiting your backyard or garden. Professional naturalist and award-winning author Stan Tekiela teaches you all that you need to know about cardinals.

The handy book is divided into three main sections. First, you’ll learn all about cardinals: facts, range, habitat, songs, nests, and more. Up next, you’ll be introduced to the seeds and other foods—such as grains, legumes, and mixes—that keep cardinals coming back. In the third section, Stan tells you which feeders cardinals prefer and why. You’ll also be given information on placing feeders, cleaning feeders, and protecting cardinals.

Find out how to make your yard into a habitat that cardinals will love. Then enjoy Stan’s cardinal photography, trivia, and quick tips. This is truly your guide to attracting and feeding cardinals!



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