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Cee-Cee & Juelz

An Atlanta Black Mafia Affair

Shavekia Layfield

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As a young girl, Cee-Cee decided she would never be broke again. She watched her mother sell herself for the smallest ounce of crack, which caused them to get put out of their section-eight apartment. Cee-Cee was determined to be rich and take care of her siblings and grandma Rose. Her hustling ways caught the eye of the city’s most notorious villain, Julius Santana, aka Juelz.
 At first sight, he respected her strong will to make money. She was too young, but Juelz was impressed with her hustle and waited for her. When she turned eighteen, he changed her life for the better, or so it seems. He makes her the first lady of his tenacious crew, known to the streets of Atlanta as the Atlanta Black Mafia. 
 Cee-Cee was all about making money, and if Juelz was providing, she was taking it, but everything comes with a price. Juelz has a nasty coke habit that resurfaces and changes the way he handles her. His violent rages are accompanied by lavish gifts and money. Cee-Cee uses that to stack up for her ultimate escape from him.
 Before she has enough money saved to leave, the mafia family comes under attack, and as first lady, Cee-Cee is the first target. The Feds are wanting to get to Juelz and uses Cee-Cee to get to him. When the snitches are revealed, family and loyalty are on the line. Amid the changes within the ABM, Cee-Cee begins to see Juelz in a whole new light. Jealousy, envy, and snitching shakes the ABM family. Cee-Cee puts her best foot forward to save the mafia family, but will she fall short when it comes to her own family?

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