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Good Girl With A Dope Boy Fetish 3

Porschea Jade

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Ratgeber / Sammeln, Sammlerkataloge


The saying goes that “it’ll only get worse before it gets better” has never been more true in the crew’s case. With Zoie’s disappearance and having no leads on to where she can be, the crew has to put their focus on the one person that they’re the closest to get their hands on, Siya. Myeke is feeling determined, angry and more betrayed than ever. The only thing on his mind is making Siya pay for the damage that she caused to his life by trying to end it and getting his son back home to him. But when Siya reveals a secret that could shake Myeke’s whole existence, will his fight to get Karson back be lost or will it wake something darker inside of Myeke that no one can control?h With Zoie missing and Monica on his back about her unborn child, O’Hajee feels stretched thin but will stop at nothing until to get his girl back and to make the ones that wronged her pay. What happens when the one thing he has been fighting for is no longer fighting for him? Can O’Hajee finally fix all the mistakes that he’s made between him and Zoie? Or will that chance lost forever. Ride with the Compton brothers one last time as they race against time for the ones they love and try to fix all the damages they’ve done. Hearts will be broken, loyalties will be tested and they will be left asking, was it worth it to find a Good Girl that had a Dope Boy Fetish?



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