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Not My Son, Not on Mother's Day

Theresa Dove Waters

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Theresa Dove-Waters brings to her

service a wealth of experience

gleaned through two careers: one

as an Ordained United Methodist Church

Pastor and the other as a collegiate-level

educator. Waters worked at several colleges

in Florida and Georgia for over 30 years as

an Administrator and College Professor. She

taught on a range of subject matter during

that time, from religion to other social

sciences subject matter. Also, during her

time in Higher education, she served in several supervisory positions,

including as director of minority affairs.

Waters received her Bachelor and Masters of Education degrees

from the University of North Florida before going on to earn a Master

of Divinity, with a concentration in religious education, from Emory

University's prestigious Candler School of Theology.

She is a past board member of the Southeastern Institute on

Chemical Dependency and has held numerous lectures and workshops

on substance abuse and addiction. Additionally, she started a support

group for young women: Saving Ourselves: Black Women of Today

Helping Black Women of Tomorrow in Jacksonville, Florida.

Other community services include serving on several boards of

directors and listed in Who's Who in the South and Southwest, in

American Education and of American Women.

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Not My Son, Not on Mother's Day