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THE Korân Index & Topical Guide Islâmic law Volume II

Robert Maddock

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In writing The 1300 Years' War; the evolution of Judea-Christianity and Islam and their associated warfare I found it necessary to know of the Prophet's life, times, associates and the precise meanings of words found in the Holy Korân. Such information for the Bible is readily available in a number of concordances by such authors as Dummelow and Strong. I was unable to find any for the Korân. This Topical Guide permits one to create his own concordance. Many critical words are listed along with the complete text in the Korân where these words are used. I used the George Sale Korân of 1734 to avoid modern bias. In addition, this edition is in King James English making it easy to compare with the Bible. Sale's Korân was not versed. It was copied into a word processor and then versed according to modern conventions as found in approved texts and the University of Michigan on-line version. It is a reference work for those who wish a better understanding of the Holy Korân. 



THE Korân Index & Topical Guide Islâmic law, Robert Maddock, PageTurner Press and Media