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Who Are You Who Are So Wise in the Science of Teaching?

Rex R. Schultze J.D.

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Based upon years of reviewing the work product of building principal’s evaluations of their teaching staff, it has been evident to me there is a clear need to improve this critical aspect of school administration. This book is designed to provide building principals (and assistant principals) with guidance on (1) the necessary preparation of the principal to be effective at guiding and coaching their staff; (2) the laying of the foundation for their teachers to know the standard of performance expected by the school district as whole, and the specific building where they serve, guide, and teach their students; (3) the teaching of their instructional staff what constitutes good lesson planning and instruction as defined by the educational model adopted by the school and art of teaching under that model; (4) developing the skills for the writing of effective teacher formative and summative evaluations to assist in the improvement of instruction; and (5) the work required in (1) to (4) above to establish and qualify the principal as an expert witness under the Rules of Evidence if he/she is called upon to participate in the end game of moving an underperforming teacher along. The book is designed as a step-by-step process with reading assignments, and self-instruction tasks at the end of each chapter applying the concepts, teaching, supporting, and assisting teachers in the science of teaching needed to develop, maintain, and excel at their craft. It is shown scientifically that where teachers know the district’s standards of performance, student learning improves, and students learn how to learn—essential in today’s ever-changing society. Being an effective building principal thus requires you to be an expert in your field( i.e., that person who is rhetorically asked, “Who are you who are so wise in the science of teaching?”).

About the Author

As you will surmise quickly in reading this book, Rex Schultze has had the fortunate circumstance of being immersed in public education for his entire life from 1951 to the present - as a teacher’s and administrator’s kid; as a high school teacher for four years; as the brother of an elementary school teacher and administrator; and, as a lawyer with a 40 year practice focused on public education both K-12 and community college levels. As such, he brings to you in “Who are you who are so wise in the science of teaching” a lifetime of perspective on the value of an education, and particularly public education, the most important equalizer of the citizens of our country and the need to grow, support and nurture the best teachers possible. Rex is a Boomer - as in “Baby Boomer” (“OK Boomer”) – an early version of that generation that grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, so you will find references to the movies and music of those days throughout the book to add perspective and some fun. (Apologies in advance for the succeeding generations; you can “google” the references – a contribution by Rex to your personal history journey).

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