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Crossroads in the Diaspora

Immigrants' Integration Matters

Jean Bosco Fogham

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Crossroads in the Diaspora: Immigrants Integration Matters speaks to individuals who immigrate to the United States, especially to people in the African diaspora. Jean Bosco Fogham, the author, draws upon his own journey from Cameroon to the United States and his years of experience as a cofounder and board member of nonprofit organizations with missions to support immigrant individuals. He uses these resources to shape a guide that offers assistance to people making the transition from the culture of their homelands to their new lives in America.

Individuals who make such a journey may find themselves at a crossroads with choices about the direction they will take as they make places for themselves in their new culture. In its pages, Crossroads in the Diaspora tells how individuals can build new lives that rest on deeply held and durable values. The guidance touches upon the social, educational, and professional elements of life in a new place.

Crossroads in the Diaspora: Immigrants Integration Matters gathers together both the authors personal experience and the shared wisdom gained by groups of immigrants to sketch out a roadmap for embracing strong values, enjoying lives of plenitude, and caring for others making the same journey.

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