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Super Corona

Al Amin

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Super Corona by Al Amin is a science-fiction, as well as a book relating to corona virus outbreaks. Anything is possible; today's pauper could be affluent tomorrow. Also, amid adversities, good things happen to those that can provide solutions. A practical example of the previous statements is highlighted in this book, where a poor man and his son find themselves in constant torture while in prison, only for a drastic positive change to occur in their lives due to the emergence of a deadly virus. Their story starts with an account of when the father is trying to prepare food, a scarce commodity, for himself, his ailing wife, his son, and his daughter. The story then talks about how, all of a sudden, they hear a loud sound, after which something terrible happens. Finally, we learn about how the father and son became prisoners, as well as the inhumane experiences they endured. The question is, "how did they move from poverty to affluence?"

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