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How to Survive a Breakup in 7 Days

Your Guide to Finding Your True Self

By Annie Medwin

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Oh me? I'm just your resident how to girl!
I'm just like you - trying to figure out where i'm going and who I'm gonna be!
I have written this with a limit of seven days as one of my biggest pet hates with self help books is that I find they just keep repeating some of the same messages over and over again, but just use different ways of saying the same thing.
I don't want to do that, I want this to be extremely direct and simple for you, and in turn I need you to be extremely direct with yourself.
I don't want this book to be lengthy and take up a lot of your energy, I want it to have direct meaning to you, in the most lean and concise way possible.
You can choose to read this book and do nothing at all, or you can choose to try new things in the hope for change - the choice is yours!
Take a 7 day journey to find out what you are truly feeling, understand your emotions and discover true happiness within yourself.