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Growing Up With Zara!

Gail Ellis Brown

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


Children have boundless and infinite potential to evolve into outstanding global citizens! There are many approaches and innovative means for children to positively influence their communities, society, and the world. I discovered the joy of reading in the first grade! I went to the library in my school and the community library to read and look at pictures! At that time, I learned to travel and see the world through books! I loved to read and pretend to be the protagonist! Quoting Frederick Douglass, “Once you learn to read you are forever free!” My series of books based on “Zara” is an attempt for children to laugh and enjoy one’s environment and adventures while growing up. I want children to use their imaginations, their life experiences, and education to develop as global citizens. It is my desire to help children achieve their highest potential and to enhance their development through reading! My series of books will focus on problem-solving, conflict resolutions, love, hope, courage, confidence, bullying, and even death and dying. The books will provide a positive, exciting, and fun influence in the development of children to support and ensure their dreams become a reality! Enjoy!

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