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Lonely Road Summer Roadtrips in the Time of Covid 19

MJay Bozung, Randy Bozung

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Reise / Reiseberichte, Reiseerzählungen


"That's it, I've had enough! Pack your bag, we're hitting the road." Just about three months in, and no one is quite sure how to navigate a modern-day pandemic. Memorial Day was approaching, and the governor had plans to close down our beaches and parks. Mjay's company was furloughing people for a week every month, and I had just lost my full-time job. The stars seemed to be aligning, and that's when we decided to hit the open road and seek out adventure. Mjay and I researched places that had established Covid-19 protocols and welcomed travelers. We wanted to find out how the pandemic was affecting popular tourist destinations and what we could do to help them out.

We were also curious to find out who was following CDC guidelines and who was buying into the mass hysteria. We're not confrontational people, merely observers of people and their reactions to a very difficult time. Mjay and I decided to make it our goal to chronicle everything we could during our summer road trips of 2020. Every place we visited had the same basis of rules, which was masking and social distancing, but each area enforced the guidelines with different severity. Mjay and I are extremely excited to bring you into this journey with us as we live our best lives--even through a pandemic. Happy travels!