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The Borden Years

John Gonzales

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Our beloved vampire Varick's quest to rebuild the human population in a world where the dead have become the dominant species has led him, and his recent companion, Henry, to an unassuming safe haven. As the two recuperate from the daily struggle to stay alive against the living and the dead, Varick shares an intriguing tale of Lizzie Borden. A tale that most are not familiar with and whose details have been altered to conceal the truths of New England society during the latter half of the nineteenth century. A region in the throes of the industrial revolution where traditional ideals were being encroached upon by progress and social change.

Unfortunately for the weary travelers, their haven is not as safe as they assumed, and a menacing threat is gathering for the two of them as Varick spins his tale. Accompanied by the sound of shattering glass and feral screams, the unsuspecting danger closes in on them, along with the rising sun, and Varick and Henry are forced to fight for their lives once again.

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