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The Ghosts of Punta Morro

A Run for the Devil Novel

J. J. Ballesteros

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


As hard as Simon Donovan tries to reinvent himself as a charter schooner captain, he found that he can’t run from the ghosts of his past. El Demonio has taken Itzél and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t give him a shipment of illegal rifles he has in his possession. In the final book of the Run for the Devil trilogy, Donovan is faced with a deadly choice: give El Demonio his guns, and plunge peace-loving Campeche into a deadly drug war or lose the woman he loves. With everything to lose, Donovan turns to some dubious allies for help including a notorious vigilante he doesn’t trust, a cynical ex-policeman, and El Demonio’s archenemy, the ruthless narcoterrorist known as the Thunderbolt. He even gets some unexpected help from the shadow world as he risks joining the ghosts of Punta Morro to save the woman he loves.

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Sailing, Legend, Romance, Gun, Narcos, running, Treachery, Ghost, Escape, Action, Adventure, Smuggling, Intrigue