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Lessons Learned at 216

Carol Bruce-Lockhart

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Ratgeber / Familie


Lesson’s Learned at 216 is a collection of real-life stories and adventures that will both entertain and intrigue you. These tales fall into a category that could be labeled as “Heirloom” stories. They are life adventures that have been deemed as unforgettable, thus qualifying them to be passed on to following generations. These are the stories that are recited over and over again at family gatherings. They can spur on laughter, amazement, and yes sometimes tears. These memories work to tether the connection between our past and our present-day. Every family has a story filled with cherished accounts from the past. I invite you to take a moment to peer into a chapter of mine. These stories are real, and the lessons learned from them are timeless. I hope that this book will speak to your hearts and encourage you to share your own enduring memories with those you love.

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