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Power for Results

William G. Covington Jr. PhD

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


With the current social upheaval in the world today, some individuals seem to become exhausted with life choices and goals, leading people not to pursue their dreams. Grit is missing from our society. However, there is an answer to achieving one's objectives and improving as individuals. Indeed, the answer is God, who helps us, as Christians, overcome obstacles, and reach our full potential, to serve God, who gives us the perseverance in overcoming earthly barriers. Dr. William G. Covington, Jr, provides a template to follow, which combines Bible teachings and other forms of application, such as extensive research, theory, and real-world applications, to negate the psychological noise that continues to impede our progress as both Christians and Homo Sapiens. Dr. Covington's book, Perseverance: The power that gets results, he challenges the reader to remove toxic thoughts through Biblical readings, which transform individuals in reaching their full potentials through the Word of God. The book highlights how by submitting to God, we as Christians, develop into warriors on earth, who can both design, and transform ourselves and others, through perseverance, which allows us to be free, and practice Christian principles, thus overcoming earthly obstacles. Implementing these practices allows for a paradigm shift in a world that tells us we can achieve goals without effort. This is especially valid in our modern-day world of social media technologies, which informs society; technology can take something complicated and make it accessible by only exerting minimal effort. Dr. Covington's timely book showcases that through the combination of God's Word's and principles, and incorporating these principles into His followers' lives, Dr. Covington creates a reality that develops character and submission to God. This is an inspirational book that is timely for a generation that needs God's teachings. These principles, which urge us, as individuals, to preserve through this world and develop our characters, by changing the template, from instant gratification to working diligently to overcome roadblocks, which produce success. Dr. Covington's book helps to create people equipped to sustain and prosper in modern society, thus building a robust, Christian world, where individuals are unafraid of meeting this legacy, by removing toxic thoughts through perseverance.

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