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The Secret to Happy

Understanding Your Child's Behavior: a Parent's Guide to Helping a Unique Child Thrive

Kristin Martinsen Robison MOT OTR/L

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Parenthood is an incredible journey of emotions. When things get hard and your child struggles, it can be difficult to know what to do. Whether your concerns are new or ongoing, this book offers insights and everyday examples that teach you how to view behavior through a different lens and reinforces that you are not alone. The author has personal experience dealing with ADHD and anxiety issues that affect her own kids and has worked with children and families to help them find “Happy” for over twenty years. The Secret to Happy presents information that will change how you respond to your child. It provides research-proven strategies an occupational therapist would use to modify behavior and support emotional growth. The approach discussed in these pages was developed and refined through clinical expertise and real-world experiences. This knowledge will enrich your journey and help you and your child find “Happy”.

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