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Mandala and the Butterfly


Ginnymarie M. Leines, Ruth M. Godfrey

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


The Mandala and The Butterfly celebrates the power of the human spirit with vivid stories of courage, possibility, and success.  Answer the invitation to participate fully in life’s secret gifts that your dreams offer you.  Real people lead the way in this book of insights and wisdom. “We are the only species in the world with the gift of imagination. It allows us to ponder, predict, and even postpone our destiny. This book, through the sharing of stories, demonstrates the unstoppable strength we all possess when we utilize our imagination to envision and take action in the world ...”  Jennie Antolak President, International Center of Coaching, Learning Journeys, MCC. 

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self-help, How to make good choices during change, overcoming fear, powerful questions, best version of self, life-coaching