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Hunting Excellence

The Art and Science of Acquiring the Right Talent

Vilva Anthony & Phylis Wong

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Hunting Excellence: The Art and Science of Acquiring the Right Talent is a comprehensive guide in the space of Talent Acquisition that provides effective strategies and techniques for hiring the right talents into the organization. The book offers an easy-to-understand overview of the Hiring Lifecycle Process and how to Hire the Right Talent to Create a Winning Team! Whether you are a Business Owner, Leader, Head of Department, Hiring Manager or Talent Acquisition Specialist, this book provides practical and easy to apply tips in Acquiring the Right Talents and to ignite creative thoughts to transform your hiring strategy! This book serves anyone who has the opportunity to hire at a scale or grow their line of business, someone who is new to Talent Acquisition space at mid to senior level and for seasoned Talent Acquisition Professionals who would like to have a ready handbook as a refresher to refer at any given point and time. Get Your Copy NOW and Enjoy an Exclusive Bonus Offer. More details about the bonus can be found on our website:

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