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The Nurseling

Memoirs of an Immigrant Nurse

Ayo Babalola

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


In October of 2018, author Ayo Babalola, a young Nigerian immigrant woman, arrives on the shores of Canada armed with nothing but a dream: to find fulfilment in a career. Her husband had given up his career of more than ten years in banking and she in the healthcare industry to make the move abroad. In The Nurseling, Babalola shares the story of her journey, of finding purpose in a land where opportunities to become anything abound. From her growing up years in Africa, to her Nigerian schooling, and to becoming an internal medicine and obstetrics nurse, this memoir tells how her dreams become a reality as the world experiences a new normal. Babalola admits she didn’t think she was cut out for nursing, but she realized the profession is the answer to her years of seeking her calling. She narrates a story of resilience, of not giving up, and fighting for her place on life’s stage. The Nurseling tells how this is Babalola declaring who she is, her reason for being, the goal setter, and the goal getter.



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