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Tales from an Old Soldier's Footlocker

Stories written on Sleepless nights by a Sailor, Soldier, AG Advisor, Military Intelligence Agent, Senior Foreign Field Advisor, Teacher, Army Ranger. Logan Barbee

Logan Barbee

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


In basic training, every soldier used to keep a wooden footlocker near the bed. It was a place to store trinkets, memorabilia, photos, and keepsakes. That’s how Logan Browning Barbee, a retired U.S. Army colonel who later served as an adviser to the Iraqi government, thinks about this book—as a place to hold a hodgepodge of stories. In addition to his career in the military and government, Barbee was a teacher, merchant seaman, county extension director at the University of Florida, family man and so much more. In this memoir, he shares highlights from his life, beginning with his boyhood in the country in Calhoun County, North Florida, to a jarring move as a teenager when he moved to town. He missed country living and went from being an A-student to a C-student. He also looks back at joining the Merchant Marines, being drafted, serving twenty-two years in the Army, his time in Iraq, and a lifetime of adventures. Join the author as he shares tales from his footlocker that reveal his identity, personality, and legacy.



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