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The Earth Experiment

Patrick Vaitus

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


A sophisticated starship travels from a faraway galaxy to a planet capable of sustaining life. The vessel's inhabitants have undergone millennia of careful genetic selection, resulting in supreme intelligence. Due to their highly advanced technology, their lifespans have been extended to eternity. The objective is to perform an experiment at a planetary scale: The Earth Experiment. Their mission is to create intelligent life forms - beginning only with inorganic matter and without physically intervening on the planet - evolution must occur naturally. They face many unexpected complications over the course of the experiment as they use the ability to travel using the star gates technology. All is described in a highly entertaining context, spiced with conflicts between the characters. The book describes the formation of life on earth, extinctions at planetary scale, evolution from algae to intelligent human beings, the effects of alien intervention on the planet, building of pyramids, appearance of God-based religions, and so on. The reader has the opportunity to witness The Earth Experiment as if watching the earth's evolution over millennia through video cameras. Patrick Vaitus is a Canadian author. He is also the author of the book Near Dracula’s Castle.

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Triller, Intelligent life forms, Galaxy, Suspense, Space travel, Stargates, Planets, Pyramids, Science Fiction, Aliens, Terraforming, Starship