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Right Hand of God

Prophets Journey Vol. One

Kondratti -K -Blenov

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


Father God in Jesus name and by the blood of the lamb I would like each and every reader that reads this book to open their hearts And listen to your words because they are words of joy and happiness And Father God breakdown all barriers towards these people that read this book And introduce yourself as the loving father that you are and tell them that The blessings are on the way to them who read this book I would like to thank you Father God and Jesus Christ and say Amen amen amen Hallelujah and glory to your father and glory to you Jesus in Jesus name and by the blood of the lamb I would like to thank each and all through this book and may the blessings fall upon you in a great way and may your heart be opened to the holy Father and Jesus Christ who will help you in each and every way thank you

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