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Hell Fire Is Real

My Experience

Hope Stewart, Tanya Frew

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Hell fire is real, is the little book of repentance. It provides a biblical perspective on how real hell is. It also highlights the importance and steps to avoid hell, and how to frame your life with faith to enter heaven. Various biblical teachings ignite different emotions – heaven is utmost exciting, and hell is undoubtedly daunting. Hell is dark and calamitous, resulting in most people avoid preaching about it in churches. Why is such a significant part of our journey fading? This might be to avoid scaring people off, from entering through the church doors. It is best to teach the truth, and allow people to develop spiritual awareness. Instead of teaching “half-facts”, and neglecting important aspects of God’s law and plans. This could fundamentally contribute to spiritual ignorance, consequently seeing souls lost to Satan. There is only one place people need to miss, and it is the eternally unquenchable fire of HELL!!! The book of revelation teaches, all there is to know about hell. The end of all things bad, and the beginning of all things glorious.

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