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The Sisterhood of Larkhill Manor

Mckenzie Drake

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


At six am, Natalie gave birth to Rachel. Two hours later, Rosie gave birth to Helen while in the next room an overjoyed Cath welcomed her second little girl Angela into the world. Later that evening between seven-thirty and nine pm, Melanie, Linda and Katie were blessed with Rochelle, Daniella and Gabriella respectively. Mike had become the proud father of forty-seven children and he was loving every moment! It’s 1964; Mike Cunningham is a 24-year-old youth eking out a living with his Auntie Cath and 25-year-old cousin Michelle. He doesn’t realize it but Michelle is head over heels in love with him; and so is Auntie Cath! At Larkhill Manor, 29-year-old twins Stephanie and Samantha Marshall are desperately looking for love after spending years in the emotional wilderness. Before long, fate brings all three together, changing their lives forever… ‘THE SISTERHOOD OF LARKHILL MANOR’ is not just about love. Set in South-west England, it is a tale of jealousy, murder, tragedy, and the human spirit surviving despite insurmountable odds.

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Mckenzie Drake, fiction, The Sisterhood of Larkhill Manor