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Years of Unity

ShaDay Shaneice, Tyree Belk

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Ultimately this fruition of art is intended to bring its reader climactic peace, satisfaction and recovery. This book is about not only overcoming your depressions and pain but conquering your displeasures, resentments, and weaknesses. This book is about Triumph. The poems published in this book are more than mere words, they are expressions of freedom, love, and compassion generated from deep within the authors soul & conscious. Readers are asked, to not only read the words of the poems but feel the spirit inside them and extract the life that was given to them and let it be stimulating. The words that expressed in these poems come forth an accumulation of the author’s personal experienced pains, struggles and victories. This book is presented to you with the purest intentions. It is a great please to introduce you to years of unity (YOU). Absorb it and Enjoy.



healing, writing, depression, lost