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Children of the Apocalypse

Vandermine Book 2

Murray R. Clay

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Having finally escaped the prison mines Jon and his companions are led by their dwarven ally, Rodack, to his people's mountain home. Rather than an opportunity for much needed rest, they find the dwarves, together with their elven allies desperately preparing for an epic battle as Cravos' massive army boxes them in. The elves and dwarves are able to give Jon tantalizing clues about the nature of this world and its relationship with his own. He learns that if he can survive the battle, he and his friends must travel to the shrouded city of Corbenik to meet and be empowered by the maker of Vandermine. It is only if they are so prepared that Jon's team of champions stands any chance in the final confrontation with Cravos before he can trigger the prophesied second apocalypse.

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fiction, action and adventure, Murray R. Clay