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The Everlasting Hunger for Improvement

The Hunger for Improvement Never Ends

Jordan O. Salzano

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“The Everlasting Hunger for Improvement” is a concept developed by Jordan Salzano to aid in the will to become the best possible version of oneself. Jordan is committed to this concept, as it is a part of her and her everyday life. She dedicates her accomplishments to the idea of continual improvement. “Without my drive to become better than I was before, I probably wouldn’t had as many successes and wouldn’t be able to write this book.” Says Jordan. Parts of having that hunger for improvement is discovering how to be honest with yourself, tapping into your passion, changing your perspective to change your outcome, and accept time as your teammate in order to pursue patience in achieving improvement. Do you want to help yourself get to that next level- instead of being victim to difficult situations and limitations? If yes, this book is for you.



Self Help, Motivational, Inspirational