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Treasures of My Mind

Book of Quotations Volume Ii

Keith C. Simmonds

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The political concept that has followed me through the years as professor of political science is political socialization, that is, the process of learning the philosophy, rules, norms and practices of a given society. That concept has enabled me to understand why people think and behave the way they do. The concept has also allowed me to understand why human beings are the products of their environments and, thus, often find it difficult to think outside the range of what they learned at home, in school, the church, mosque or synagogue, at political associations, from news outlets, and more recently, on social media. What manner of man or woman are we then with regard to thoughts we formulate and share with our fellow human beings? Perhaps that question may be asked of me after reading this book as well as the first book of quotations published in 2017. But read on my dear reader and pronounce judgement on the author as you see fit. That’s fair game, again I say. At the core of the author’s intent is to stimulate thought, inspire spirits that may be a bit down, to challenge long held views, and where possible expand one’s horizon on age old “truths.” As for me I’m learning more each day, understanding better as I journey along life’s pathway and humble enough to rethink what I thought I once knew or understood. You and I can learn more about this experience called life if we engage in open minded discourse. I’m ready when you are!

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