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Love in Despair

A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy: Children Orphaned by the War in Afghanistan

Shughla Karzai

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The book will be divided into two major parts, each with a number of shorter chapters. Part I will tell the story of Shughla’s journey and how Sana Orphanage came into existence, in chronological order. Each chapter will tell about a particular step on the way, an incident or a milestone that was significant. Part II will tell the stories of some of the individual children at Sana. Some chapters will be extremely brief, while others will be longer. Not all of the children’s stories can be told, as there are over fifty children now at the orphanage; but a sampling of various stories will be included, to give the reader an idea of the kinds of things these children have been forced to deal with in their short lives.

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