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Robert Earl “Rob” the Mouse

Coloring Book

DeAnna Clark

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


One midfall morning, in a nearby forest lives a country mouse named Robert Earl, who lives in an oak tree with his family. Robert has always dreamed of leaving his family and going to the city and becoming a city mouse. But recently Robert’s father passed away, and now all responsibilities have fallen on his shoulders. His mother, Edith, will not be able to help him gather food because she has to help the two youngest children with their schoolwork and she has to do her household chores. Robert will have to figure out a way, with winter approaching, to gather up enough wood and food and clean up all the dead branches before winter arrives. Along the way, he will be learning life lessons as well as teaching others how to be responsible and how to help others when they are in need—even if it means dropping what they are doing to help someone in need and regardless of how long it takes to get it done. Will Robert Earl be able to get enough food gathered and wood cut and do all his other chores before winter arrives? How will he do all this? Come join us and find out how Robert will get all this done in time for winter.

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