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Kant and Hegel on the Existence of God

The Scope and Relation of Reason and Faith

Benjamin Ezulike

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


This book addresses one of the most ancestral themes of philosophy which is equally one of the questions most profoundly rooted in man, the question of God and of his existence. And since this question concerns both philosophy and religion, it is immediately accompanied by another question regarding the relationship between faith and reason: what can philosophical reason tell us about the existence of God? To what extent is it capable of providing knowledge of God and his nature? What use of reason is at stake here? More fundamentally still, must reason recognize its limit and create room for faith (and what kind of faith is it, then—rational or irrational)? or can it, on the contrary, claim to be able to reach an adequate knowledge of God, a knowledge capable of fully assuming its absoluteness? To address these essential questions, Benjamin Ezulike focuses on two giants of philosophical thought, Kant and Hegel….Whoever reads the present work will find a clear, rigorous and, above all, strictly honest presentation of the way in which Kant and Hegel, in their respective thoughts, conceived and interpreted the question of God and his existence, a question that no philosophy worthy of the name can afford to ignore without failing to meet the radicalism that is emblematic of the philosophical enterprise. Gilbert Gérard, Professor Emeritus, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

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Spiritual, God, Philosophy, Religious