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The Day I Cried My Angel to Earth

Aniya Thomas

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Ratgeber / Lebensdeutung


LORD JESUS I thank you for ordaining me to bear fruit for your kingdom. LORD I give all credit to you, all glory and honor is to your name JESUS. I magnify and glorify you for just being who you are in my life. Thank you for knowing what is best for me. Thank you for choosing and using me to reach and win souls. Thank you for anointing my hands to go to war for your chosen people. That they will be set free and delivered from themselves, and from the attacks they experience within their mind, heart, and spirit. Set the captives free in JESUS name. LORD as the reader read on, I ask that your presence fill this entire book. Page to page, word from word, that will inspire, encourage, and motivate my brothers and sisters. Wherever they are in life meet them there and because you are the way, direct them on your ordained path of purpose. In addition they can fulfill your will and please you daily, bearing and producing fruit for your kingdom. In JESUS’ name amen!



Healing, Religious, Spiritual