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Lt. Ripley

Mary Duncan

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


When I went to the animal shelter to donate food, I decided to take a peek at the dogs. This blue eyed dog at the far end of the shelter, sat by the cage door. The smell was very overwhelming. There were so many dogs barking and jumping up on their cage doors. Ripley just sat quietly and did not jump up or down at all. I went down to see her and as I talked to her, she just sat patiently. Ripley picked me. Some people say I am her guardian angel but I am not. She is my guardian angel. Ripley has put so much love into our lives.

Ripley and I are joined at the hip. We are never apart. She has been with us for three years now. We got her healthy and with her training, she is now a Licensed Service Dog. We also started a charity in her name, Lt. Ripley Kids. We go around our county and neighboring counties and deliver stuffed toy animals with her picture on them. These are to be put in police cars, fire trucks and first responders. This way, they can be handed out to kids who are in distress or hurt.

On our first year, we delivered over 800 stuffed toy animals, donated over 2000 dollars to the heart house homeless shelter for baby blankets, healthy snacks, socks, and Christmas toys for the kids. Ripley brings out the best in people. Veterans and kids are her favorite people, and yes, we support all our veterans. So how can this small blue-eyed dog be so forgiving and loving when humans are just plain horrible to one another? Ripley always brings the best out of people. We can all learn from her and cherish what she has to offer to mankind. She is our baby, best friend and she will never be cold or left behind again.

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