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A Dark Side to the Moon

An International Thriller

AJ DeLaura

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Tom Waller, Tailfeather’s brilliant secret agent, travels to India on an assignment that may have global consequences. Could his interference in this Asian country’s space program upset the stability of world power? His fiancé’s recent ownership of one of the world’s richest companies may be at the center of the controversy he needs to resolve. Waller’s success could put her life in danger in this bizarre case as he uncovers a dark side to the moon. Tom and Esme return in this international thriller, coming face to face with a menacing shadow from their past. A Dark Side to The Moon draws us into a whirlwind adventure from the bright streets of America’s New England cities to the shadowy alleys of India’s infamous Mumbai slums leaving us contemplating the future of the planet and our own freedoms.

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