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Give Me This Mountain

The Road to Becoming an Ordained Minister

Lucy L. Stanley B.A. M.S.

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“Give Me This Mountain” describes the journey of a woman called to “Preach the New Jerusalem” in a Baptist church. The journey spanned 44 years. It tells of the doctrines, beliefs, and practices within the church that impact the roles and functions of women. The challenges we overcome and lessons learned along the way build and strengthen one’s faith in Jesus Christ. As long as one has undeniable faith and trust in Jesus Christ, no mountain is too high to reach the summit. We become successful in our endeavors through Jesus Christ, who teaches the way. One can reach her/his destiny regardless of the obstacles or barriers placed along the way if you “Study”, “Pray” and “Wait” on the Lord.

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Women Preachers, Women as Spiritual Leaders, Women as Pastors, Ordination of women, Women in Ministry