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A Bridge of Memories

The Connection of the New World to the Old World

Liliana M. Cellini

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In the summer of 1973, author Liliana M. Cellini left her home country of Italy at age twenty-two and immigrated to the United States. This shy, young woman would now have responsibilities—a marriage, a home, and the dream of a future family to take care of and nourish. The time passed quickly, and now there are the memories.

In A Bridge of Memories, she chronicles her life story, telling tales of the old world, her home country of Italy, of her atheist communist father and religious mother, and of her experiences in the United States, experiences that molded her into the person she is today. Cellini also shares her point of view on life, religion, politics, and news.

In this memoir, she brings the knowledge of her past to the new generation, her memories from her early age of four to the day when she left Italy, proclaiming her love for both countries.

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secrets, Life past and present, Family’s memories, Personal stories, Life in the old world and the new world