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Miracle Grow

Abby Lee Gearhart

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


I have always loved nature. Being in nature is a way for me to stop and profoundly connect with God’s beautiful creation around me. Taking as little as one minute to look up and absorb the colors, smells, sights, sounds, and feelings can instantly connect you. Looking at the night sky has always been a metaphorical rush for the infinite feelings that surge through my body as I process what my eyes are taking in. Something so vast…so infinite…so much greater than I can comprehend…yet here I am standing in the midst of it. I am not only matter that exists in this space, but I matter. I am right here… right now. Mere coincidence or part of a master plan? A Grand Weaver’s thread in the fabric of history.

It’s my desire to take you on a walk that focuses on the process rather than the final destination. A walk requires taking one step after another; just as there is a journey from a seedling to the maturation of a tree. The journey of a seed is not linear; just as our journey in life is not linear. There is breaking. There is beauty. There is sorrow. There is happiness. There is sadness. This book is an acknowledgement of the beautiful, crazy, and difficult process called life. It’s about seeing the beauty and understanding that it takes work and perseverance to get to the good stuff.

My hope and prayer is that this book makes you not only truly see Creation, but feel it as well. That it makes us all feel connected to one another…and most importantly to our Creator. Science and nature prove over and over again that God—Our Master Designer—does exist. As the wind is not seen, but felt, so is our Father.

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nature, Christian, growth, trees, life lessons, perseverance, inspirational