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S.J. Strong

Marching to the Same Sound, but a Different Rhythm: Autism Awareness

Gail R. Wright

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Schule und Lernen / Lernhilfen / Abiturwissen


S.J. is an original, exceptional person who was diagnosed with autism at a young age. In an effort to foster awareness, he shares his personal story and perspectives about autism as he learned to cope with his symptoms and become all he was meant to be in the eyes of God.

While providing a glimpse into his life journey on the spectrum, S.J., with input from his parents, details the challenges and successes he encountered along the way as he endured unique struggles, found ways to be happy, embraced the simpler things in life, chose to be grateful, and remained optimistic about the future. Throughout his testimony, S.J. offers his perspective as a youth who learned to make decisions in his everyday life and ask for help from his parents, family, friends, and teachers. Most importantly, S.J. reveals how his path led him to ultimately realize that he is an overcomer with a God-given purpose. Included are exercises and other activities that encourage thoughtful reflection and build social skills.

S.J. Strong shares the perspectives and experiences with autism from a young man and his parents with the intent of providing awareness and hope to others navigating the same diagnosis. It is also an awareness to aid others in understanding more about autism’s symptoms, struggles, and paths to victory from a child’s view.



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