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God First

The All Knowing God

Deloy Lewis

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


I have felt the Spirit of God move on me to write this book. My goal in this book is to help people, both saved and unsaved alike, to see the great need to not only have Jesus Christ as their personal savior, to seek the will of God in everyday living. I want people to see that God should be first in the life of humanity. If God is first in their lives as in mine, then you can not help but come to whatever God wants you to go through, how to live, what to have, who an individual should be. In service to Christ Jesus humanity will get the most out of life that they can get. This Christian walk is the greatest way to live, which also gives us power to do what God wants us to do, to have Christ work His miracles through us. In my short 45yrs on the planet I can say I have seen the Lord move through people, including myself and work many mighty works, “miracles”. Humanity will only be their best and get the best potential out of this life by doing all they know to do to serve Christ Jesus. We may never know all the Bible has to teach us, to reveal to us, in this life. I say, study the Bible! Learn all you can learn from the Bible in this life! Open your heart and mind and learn all that Jesus wants to teach you! I pray this book helps you and is a blessing to you. May the peace of God be with you as you follow Him.

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