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What Cloud Is My Sister In?

A Children's Book About Love, Memories, and Grief

Kim Vesey

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Death is often perceived as an end point. Yet any family who has lost a child, either at birth or at some point in the child’s journey towards adulthood, will acknowledge it is a beginning. The beginning of a life-long grief journey, not just for parents, but for other family members as well. While tears often come easily, words and actions, many times do not. How does one explain the death of a newborn, or the death of a child in elementary school or even high school, to their brothers and/or sisters? This story invites the grieving child/children, and the adults who love them, through a two-day grief camp experience for children. The three turtles meet at camp. They have each lost a sister. Snappy’s teenage sister, Sarah, died. Speedy’s newborn sister Harper died. And Shelly’s young sister Layla died too. Through the experience of numerous camp activities and discussions, the three turtles become friends. They learn in the process that while remembering can make them sad, it can also help them to laugh and be happy too. Speedy learns even though he didn’t get to create memories with his sister, he can use his heart and mind to imagine what life would be like with her. As camp comes to an end, the three friends realize they will always carry their sisters with them, in their hearts and in their minds. This book includes many recommendations for techniques siblings can use to honor and remember their sister. These activities allow the adult(s) and child/children to feel their grief through sharing openly about various grief topics, looking back at memories, and creating tangible remembrances. In time, through the sacred sharing of grief, they will begin to heal together as well.



sister loss, children, dying, stillborn, grief, death