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A Runbook on Praying for Children

John Rajanayakam

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


John Rajanayakam looks back on a spiritual journey that led him to understand weighty spiritual issues and seeks to transfer his knowledge to his only daughter, Nandita, in Crosswind.

The author provides a practical resource that his daughter and her husband—and any parent, family member, or friend of a child—can look to when faced with challenges.

As a “runbook,” the author shares what happened in his home church in Columbus, Indiana, in 2012. The church’s members embarked on a forty-day journey of focused prayer for children inside and outside the church.

The process was simple: A wall of prayer was created near the altar and the names of children were written on it. Volunteers took turns praying at the wall, guided by the six Cs that were determined to be the most important principles: commitment, choices, challenges/sufferings, companions, character, and calling.

As a church body, the members prayed for more than 350 children—and God performed amazing miracles. Children experienced healing, restored relationships, and other significant blessings.

Steeped in Scripture, this book will serve the author’s daughter and son-in-law well, as well as any parent, family member, teacher, or mentor who wants to raise children strong in faith.



Religious, Spirituality, Christian, Prayer