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Forged in Fire

The Secret Life of a Mennonite Family

Robert Charles Graber

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


When Robert Graber entered the world into a Mennonite farm family, he was the boy his mother dreamed of having. However, his father never seemed excited about the arrival of a new son. Little Robert had no idea that his father’s reaction was only the beginning of what would become more than four decades of ill treatment—not just to him, but also to his mother and sister as they bravely faced hardships, fears, and rejection while living within their small, central Kansas religious community.

In a vivid retelling, Graber chronicles his personal experiences while growing up within a Mennonite family as his mother dedicated her life to raising her children to love the Lord—at the same time his father and religious community seemed unwilling to provide the same love and support. While detailing his loss of trust in those who should have been trusted, Graber shares insight into the physical and mental abuse he and his mother and sister endured, describes the events that led to their fears of losing their lives, and reveals how he eventually transformed into an advocate for young people.

Forged in Fire is the true story of the fears, rejections, and hardships faced by a Mennonite boy and his family living in a Kansas religious community.



Mennonite, Hardships, Choices, Forged, Rejection, Secret, Determination, Adversity