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The Shepherd's Promises

Changing Your Life Praying Psalm 23

Hanna Fett

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Are you longing for peace, comfort and provision?

As you read and meditate on each promise found in Psalm 23, you will not only encounter the deep love Jesus has for you but also discover the manifold expressions of His love. They cover every area of your life and every emotional, spiritual or physical need you might have.

Praying His word and declaring His promises will explode your faith. Expect Jesus to reveal Himself as your personal good Shepherd who protects, provides, guides, restores, heals, leads, anoints and loves you with an unfailing love. Praying Psalm 23 will not only bring peace and comfort but will change your life forever.

Pianist and worship leader Mark Payne captured the sound of heaven to lead you into His Presence as you pray the wonderful promises of Psalm 23. Enjoy the music provided in this book.



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