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A Call to Remember

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Testify and the Woman Who Will

Shaina Fertig

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Piper Jean Potts Streyle was brutally murdered on July 29, 1996 by serial killer, Robert Leroy Anderson. He had taken the life of another woman in 1994 and failed to take another. Streyle was abducted from her home in Canistota, South Dakota mid-morning, leaving behind two small children, who had witnessed the kidnapping. She was presumably ruined and her body has never been recovered.
I was the little girl who witnessed a kidnapping: visions of hell to always be etched in my mind. I was also the girl who would not testify in a court of law. I was the girl who hid behind her soft blanket and would not face the stark terrifying truth. I would not affirm, again, the face I knew was my mother’s murderer. I would not testify. I am that girl.
I wish to no longer be known as the girl who would not testify, but as the woman who will. I will testify. I will speak and I will tell.
This is my testimony, through the recalling of memories, answering: A Call to Remember.

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