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Sweet Adeline

A Mother's Kitchen Poetry and Her Son's Retrospections

Robert L. Brunker

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A child orphaned by the death of her mother and the absence of her father as he worked remotely during the depression is taken in by her father’s parents. Both grandparents die in a few years. Her father’s sister opens her heart and home to this sweet child. Adeline’s happiness is limited by the separation from her brother. As a young woman Adeline meets and marries a handsome orphan after World War II. Their love grows, their discipleship grows, and they flourish in the grace of God, but always within a very limited income. As she writes her poetry at her kitchen table between household duties, Adeline expresses her love for God, husband, children, family values, and expresses appreciation for long term friendship. Her firstborn son collects this simple kitchen poetry over a period of nearly forty years. As he collects them he writes retrospections as he looks back on his mother’s life, her struggles with Alzheimer’s, his own life, and includes social commentary. Reflections, family history, Christian testimony, poetry, and grand story telling will lead you through an emotional, yet fulfilling, tale of a simple woman living a life where God puts you. Alzheimer’s and Satan did not defeat her. Her life had a huge positive effect on the lives she touched. Sweet Adeline is a feel-good biography that will allow you to reflect on your own life.



family history, family values of love, marriage and friendship, Christian poetry of God’s grace, joy of children and multigenerational family, struggle of Alzheimer’s, feel good biography, orphans and loss of family, living where God puts you, social commentary