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Faith for an Upside-Down World

Ascension to Pentecost

Shirley D. Andrews

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


I have known Shirley for many years, as I was her pastor for while serving in the United Methodist Church. Shirley brings forth not only beauty through the photos, but her use of the Holy Scriptures to open to the reader the true understandings of Pentecost and the Resurrection of Jesus.
I highly recommend all her devotionals; they will draw you closer to God through the Word. They will open you to the beauty of creation by the Creator of the Universe.
- Rev. Patti Molik
United Methodist Elder of Upper New York Annual Conference

Shirley’s wonderful compilation of prayer, Scripture, photography, and devotional reflections, contained in “His Eye Is On the Sparrow,” provided me with a greater respect of the interdependence between humanity and creation and the way in which God’s presence sustains and maintains the fragile balance between the two. This inspiring devotional highlights insightful lessons to each of us through the life of various birds God has gifted to this world. I know I will look at birds differently from now on.
- Rev. Penny Brink
Elder, Upper New York Annual Conference
United Methodist Church

I am often asked to write an endorsement or a forward for a new book, but this time, I begin this endorsement with a “feeling of excitement.” I absolutely loved the idea of linking nature to a devotional. Nature has always been inspiring to me, and I often talk to God as I walk through the beauty of God’s creation around me. How can you possibly see the beauty and wonder of our planet and our universe without being inspired by the God who made it?
So, when I looked at even the very idea of this manuscript I was inspired. I read the book and then I sat down to write this. I first took a walk through the wonder and beauty of God’s creation around me. As always, I can not walk through the trees or along a creek or stream without being inspired. Therefore, as I write these words I am inspired not only by this book, but my last encounter with nature.
As I read the pages, I met an author who through the beauty of her writings has linked nature and Divine inspiration and truly inspired me. Just to think about nature and talking to God brings inspiration to my whole being.
So, with anticipation and great emotion, I endorse FAITH for an UPSIDE-DOWN WORLD by Shirley D. Andrews. As I looked at the beautiful pictures I saw nature, but I also felt the hand of God. As I read the words of this manuscript, I knew that this author would introduce me to God, because like the artist inside me, I would feel and experience God by what I was about to read, and I did. Thank you, Shirley for introducing me again to the God who spoke nature into existence.
You must experience this book and see the God who not only has his eye on the sparrow, but made the sparrow. Shirley, you will truly inspire the world.
- Dr. Thomas F. Reid

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