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Almost There

Elwood McQuaid

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Amos Henry was dead set against the church constructing a parsonage. Like the fictional Boss Hogg of Hazzard County, Amos held a lot of power and unnerved a lot of people. But he was no match for the Lord, who performed miracle after miracle to ensure a young pastor and his wife a fit place to live. Building the church parsonage is just one of many inspirational stories the author tells as he relates the mishaps and miracles he encountered while serving God in his very first pastorate in Goodview, Virginia. You’ll travel with Elwood and Maxine McQuaid to America in the 1950s and to the values and lessons that forever shaped the lives and ministry of a young couple that wanted to serve the Lord.



uplifting, family, gospel, humor, nostalgia, Christian, inspirational