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I Am Both Woman and Child, Both Tame and Wild

A Collection of Poems, Illustrations and Reflections

Maggie Maze

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


This book collectively presents an array of topics from my life experiences as a girl growing up in the Midwest to becoming a mature older woman in the age of social media. As both illustrator and writer I enjoy presenting an image with a brief story or verse. Many years ago my parents asked me to design a Christmas card. This is where it all started. Hand-made Christmas cards expanded into other modern American holidays, such as Halloween. Halloween is a favorite of mine as it offers up so much eerily fun for the old and young alike. This is why this collection consists of youthful poems reminiscing of childhood experiences in family and holiday themes as well as poems catering to adults about desire, love, loss and other mature themes. Some poems were written prior to an illustration accompanying them while other illustrations were drawn first with a poem following. Some poems have no illustration at all for example, the poem, “The Hot Bartender” was inspired by viewing an iconic tv show and begs you to imagine what he looks like as I purposely did not include an illustration. This collection includes a passion that embodies a sense of style and fashion in the clothes design some characters wear. “Dressed in the finest silk, velvet and plaid, she’s a sight of breathtaking beauty and style”, is described in the poem, “Celtic Lass in Irish Couture”. Each one of us embodies our own sense of style. Reflections of style, life experiences and how I perceive the world around me can be found in this book. May this collection find you reminiscing about delightful memories and take you to a place of calm reflection.



Illustrations, MaggieMaze, Margaret Campbell, poetry, poem